• Bath and Shower Liners

    Why should you have us install your new bathtub or shower liner system?
    The Powell Company is the only factory-trained bathtub and shower liner installer system in our area. We have formed a close relationship with BCI acrylics, the largest manufacturer of high-value bath and shower liners in the country. This winning partnership now brings you a lower-cost alternative for your bathroom remodeling needs.

Bath and Shower Liners

  • High molecular acrylic compound means easy cleanup, scratch resistant surfaces and no hard water stains.
  • Custom-molded liner systems mean one-day installation.
  • Nonporous materials mean no mold or mildew.
  • Triple-sealed wall surrounds and patented over-flow flanges means no water leaks.
  • Very little demolition work means lower costs.
  • Lifetime warranty and factory trained installers means no future worries.
  • Many exciting colors, styles and accessories means you can finally get your dream bathroom!